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Rheology testing and advice for hyaluronic acid formulations

We have a high level of experience of the testing and test method development of hyaluronic acid products.  

The rheology of crosslinked and uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid (hyaluronan) products is crucial to many of its applications, be they in 

aesthetics, woundcare, ocular surgery, or lubrication.  We can help you understand the rheology of your products and those of your competitors and enable you to formulate for competitive advantage.  Our services here include:

  • Viscosity profile as a function of shear rate, shear stress or temperature
  • Identification and quantification of zero-shear viscosity.
  • Viscoelastic characterisation using dynamic oscillation rheology.  Storage (G') and loss (G") moduli and tan delta profiles can be obtained across a range of frequencies, stresses or strains.
  • Creep flow characterisation.
  • Friction measurement
  • Lubricity and film-forming profiling.

You can read more about HA testing methods here: Rheology methods for hyaluronic acid formulations

Samples are tested in our laboratory using high-performance rheometers.

Should you need a complete solution installed at your site we can work through your needs, capabilities and budgets and recommend, supply and implement a full working system complete with expert-developed testing methods and full training and support for your staff.

Please contact us for further details.

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