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Rheology Analysis & Viscoelasticity, Viscosity Testing & Research

Rheology Analysis and Viscoelasticity Profiling

AR2000EX RheometerOur two advanced research rheometers (AR2000EX and AR1000N) provide high quality flow, creep and oscillation testing capabilities in controlled stress and controlled strain/rate modes of operation.  These versatile instruments can test samples ranging from very thin to very thick liquids and ultra-fragile colloidal structures to highly-rigid solids.

The following rheological testing procedures are available:

  • Shear stress and shear rate sweeps in either continuous, stepped-ramp or steady-state (equilibrium) mode.
  • Viscosity / temperature ramps
  • Thixotropy testing: Either up-down ramps or three-step methods (conditioning–breakdown-recovery).  Three step methods can be performed in shear, oscillation or mixed formats.AR1000N rheometer
  • Oscillation stress or strain amplitude sweeps
  • Oscillation frequency sweeps
  • Oscillation temperature ramps (continuous) or sweeps (stepped).  Temperature cycling can also be performed.
  • Creep/Relaxation test.

Examples of some of these methods can be found here.

These rheological methods will deliver the following material properties:

  • Viscosity as a function of shear stress, shear rate and temperature.
  • Zero-shear viscosity measurement.
  • Infinite shear viscosity.
  • Yield stress and yield/critical strain.
  • Rate of thixotropic breakdown on shearing and recovery following the cessation of shearing.40mm diameter stainless steel cone/plate system
  • Viscoelasticity profiling through oscillatory (dynamic) and creep testing modes
  • Determination of complex, elastic (storage) and viscous (loss) moduli, complex viscosity, phase angle (δ) and loss tangent (tanδ).
  • Normal stress and 1st Normal stress coefficient measurement.
We have a wide selection of measuring geometries and accessories to accommodate the most demanding of samples, ranging from simple cone/plate, plate/plate and concentric cylinder systems to sand-blasted and crosshatched surfaces for slip elimination and low-inertia acrylic geometries for optimum oscillatory performance.

Crosshatched 40mm stainless steel plates for slip elimination

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