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Brookfield Viscosity Testing

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What is Viscosity?

Viscosity is a measure of the resistance to flow of a liquid.  Isaac Newton described viscosity as an "internal friction" in a liquid, a nice concept to grasp. A high viscosity liquid resists flowing and a low viscosity liquid flows easily.  There are a whole host of methods for measuring viscosity however the Brookfield viscometer is by far the most commonly-used. It is important to understand that "Brookfield viscosity" is not a single technique, rather it is a group of methods based on a selection of accessories and viscometers in the range from Brookfield Engineering Inc. The correct selection of instrument version, spindle type, size and speed and sample container is crucial to ensuring a reliable and accurate result - something we cover in detail in our Good Viscosity Testing course.

Our Viscosity Testing Laboratory

We have a range of Brookfield viscometers and rheometers and a wide selection of accessories and attachments to cater for most needs.  

Brookfield DVIII viscometer fitted with standard RV spindle

Standard DV Range of Viscometers

The DV range of viscometers from Brookfield are the ubiquitous workhorse instruments to be found in viscosity labs the world over.  Depending on the sample type and requirements a range of approaches can be adopted for testing your materials.   The test methods available include:

  • Brookfield viscosity using standard spindles and LV, RV, HA and HB torque ranges.
  • Viscosity Index / “Thixotropic” Index
  • T-Bar and Helipath viscosity
  • Small Sample Adaptor
  • Vane spindles and yield stress tests.

RS-CPS+ Cone and Plate and RS-SST Rheometers

In addition to the standard viscometer range we also have Brookfield’s newer RS-CPS+ cone and plate viscometer and RS-SST Soft Solids Tester.  The RS-CPS is a mid-range instrument aimed at provide both controlled stress and controlled rate testing capabilities with the additional benefits of defined-shear cone and plate and plate/plate arrangements.  The RS-SST was developed with Brookfield by Neil Cunningham to enable the yield stress and simple creep testing of a range of “difficult-to-measure materials such as stiff pastes, set gels, waxes and heavily-laden particulate slurries.

If you are uncertain which specific Brookfield viscosity test you require please contact us and we can advise you on the most commonly-used methods for your particular sample.

Testing can be performed at a range of temperatures and samples can be conditioned as required prior to testing. 

Test method validation and full statistics can be provided if required.

Brookfield RS-CPS+ cone and plate viscometerBrookfield RS-SST Soft Solids Tester

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