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Rheology & viscosity testing and texture analysis

Our laboratory is equipped with high quality rheometers and viscometers and a wide range of testing accessories and measuring systems to suit most applications and materials.   Our equipment list includes:

Rheology Testing Service: AR2000EX and AR1000N Controlled Stress Rheometers

  • Rheometer RigViscosity profiling as a function of shear stress, shear rate and temperature.
  • Zero-shear and infinite shear viscosity
  • Yield stress, critical strain and thixotropy.
  • Viscoelasticity profiling through oscillatory (dynamic) and creep testing modes
  • Determination of complex, elastic (storage) and viscous (loss) moduli, complex viscosity, phase angle and tan delta.
  • Vane testing methods
  • Normal stress and 1st Normal stress coefficient
  • Wide selection of cone and plate, plate/plate, concentric cylinders, crosshatched/roughened geometries of various materials.

Anton Paar / Physica MC1

  • Viscosity / shear rate profiling
  • Viscosity/temperature profile

Viscosity Testing Lab: Brookfield viscometers

  • Viscosity TestingBrookfield viscosity
  • Viscosity index / “thixotropic” index.
  • Standard “dip-in” disk spindles
  • T-Bar/Helipath
  • Small Sample Adaptor


Texture Analysis: CT3 Texture Analyzer

  • Texture AnalysisTexture profile analysis
  • Gel Bloom test
  • Gel strength and rigidity
  • Extrusion testing
  • Probe penetration test


Brookfield RS Range of rheometers

  • Range of RheometersCone and plate rheometer
  • Concentric cylinder / coaxial cylinder rheometer
  • RS-SST Vane shear tester / Soft solids tester
  • Yield stress and creep testing
  • Slurry viscosity and rheology testing


Cone penetrometer

  • Penetration testing
  • Fluidity test to AST

Flow cups

Additional capabilities include: pH, moisture analysis, density, accelerated stability, freeze/thaw. 

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