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Practical Rheology


Practical Rheology is a highly-regarded applied rheology training course comprising a mix of accessible theory sessions and practical, hands-on demonstrations and test method development work at the rheometer.  The course is aimed at users of rheometers from manufacturers such as TA Instruments, Bohlin / Malvern, Anton Paar / Physica, Thermo Haake and Reologica who would like to:

  • Gain a solid foundation in the core principles of rheology.
  • Understand how the multitude of rheological parameters describe and influence the flow of their products.
  • Gain experience in test method selection and development
  • Learn how to interpret rheometer results and confidently report and discuss rheological data with supervisors and co-workers.

The two-day programme covers:

Rheology Fundamentals

  • Structured fluids and viscoelastic liquids.
  • Shear and extensional flow modes
  • Shear stress, shear strain, shear rate and viscosity
  • Non-Newtonian flow behaviour and the "anatomy" of the flow curve: Zero-shear and infinite-shear viscosity and shear-thinning behaviour.
  • Understanding structure effects: yield stress, thixotropy and viscoelasticity
  • Describing viscoelasticity: Understanding complex, elastic and viscous modulus, phase angle and tan delta.
  • Viscoelasticity and deformation timescale effects.

Practical Rheometer Skills

  • Introducing the "Rheologist's Tookit" of techniques and parameters.
  • Viscosity profiling approaches: Controlled stress vs. controlled rate methods, stepped, steady-state or continuous flow tests?
  • Oscillation (dynamic) rheology testing methods: oscillatory stress, strain, frequency, time and temperature sweeps.
  • Creep testing
  • Choosing measuring geometries: cones, plates and cylinders; sizes, angles and gaps, smooth, sandblasted or serrated?
  • Sample conditioning, handling and loading best practices.
  • "Tricks of the trade" for measuring difficult samples such as waxes, set gels or particulate slurries.

Interpretation and Validation of Results

  • Using Rheological models (Cross Model, Casson Model etc) to obtain Zero Shear Viscosity, Yield Stress, Power Law Index and a range of other key parameters
  • Relating rheology to real-life behaviours and needs such as: stability prediction; texture, appearance and skin feel; sagging, slumping and dripping; pumping, mixing and filling.
  • Assessing repeatability and setting QC release specifications and pass/fail limits.


Dates and Costs 

Dates for the next course are to be advised.

Our public courses are held at our Centre for Industrial Rheology in the picturesque English village of Warnford in the Hampshire countryside.  The public courses are a chance for participants to learn about rheology and gain hands-on experience with a range of testing techniques alongside a small group of other interested people in a pleasant environment.  

There are plenty of choices for accommodation in the area, ranging from country-house hotels to coaching inns.  Accommodation is arranged and paid for by the attendee but we can provide a list of establishments and help with your arrangements. 


Have this course at your site

We would be delighted to provide Practical Rheology at your site.  Having the course in-house means we can tailor the agenda to suit your particular needs, equipment, materials and experience levels and, of course, train a large group of people at an economical cost.

To book a place or discuss an in-house course at your site please contact us.

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