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Courses in Viscosity & Viscometer Techniques & Test Methods ~ Basics & Advanced

Good Viscosity Testing

Good Viscosity Testing is a practical course in the use of Brookfield viscometers and similar instruments. 

The course is aimed at research, development and quality control workers who wish to obtain good quality, repeatable viscosity measurements for their materials. 

The course duration is just under a whole day and comprises a short primer in essential viscosity theory followed by practical demonstrations of test methods for a wide range of materials. 


The content includes:


Viscosity basics:

The units of viscosity: Poise, centipoise, pascal seconds, centistokes etc.

Understanding non-Newtonian flow: Common examples in everyday products.

Viscosity and temperature 


How to take the perfect viscometer reading:

Sample container considerations

The effects of temperature on the viscosity reading

To stir or not to stir: Sample handling prior to taking a reading

Spindle insertion and immersion

"My viscosity keeps changing!": When to record the reading

Torque values and the viscometer range


Viscosity test method development:

Choosing the correct viscometer and attachments: Spindles? Cone/plate? T-bar and Helipath?

Spindle and speed selection

Obtaining the best repeatability and setting pass/fail limits

Bencharking and competitor comparison methods for viscometer users.

Test method validation

Testing "difficult" samples: slurries, pastes, waxes etc


Instrument handling: How to avoid breakages and downtime.

"Is this thing working okay?" How to check your viscometer is in calibration and performing correctly.


Dates and Costs

The next public course is held on Wednesday 5th March 2014

Our public courses are held at our Centre for Industrial Rheology in the picturesque English village of Warnford in the Hampshire countryside.  The public courses are a chance for participants to learn about viscosity and rheology and gain hands-on experience with a range of testing techniques alongside a small group of other interested people in a pleasant environment.  

If participants would like to stay in the area we can provide details of some nice hotels and inns and help with booking your stay.



Attendance at the course is charged at GBP190 per person. Included in the fee is a set of course notes and a buffet lunch. 


Have a bespoke course at your site

We would be delighted to provide Good Viscosity Testing at your site.  Having the course in-house means we can tailor the agenda to suit your particular needs, equipment, materials and experience levels and, of course, train a large group of people at an economical cost.


To book a place or discuss an in-house course at your site please contact us.



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