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How Do You Choose The Right Rheometer for You & Your Business?

Independent Rheometer Buying Advice

Buying a new rheometer is no fun!  You spend years trying to build the the justification to spend a large amount of your employer's money on an untested venture then you spend the next six months trying to fend off over-eager salesmen shooting supposedly-unbeatable specs at you from all directions!  Once you've made your decision you're stuck with it - so you'd better make sure you get it right.

We spend most of our time sitting in front of rheometers and viscometers of all shapes and sizes - dealing with their limitations and exploiting their individual strengths - so we now have a fairly unique viewpoint on the pros and cons of most of the rheometers on the market.  We can advise you of the relevance or otherwise of "an unsurpassed strain resolution" or the value of Time-Temperature-Superposition or a Force-Rebalance Transducer to your situation.

So whether you want a quick clarification on some point or you would like assistance with the entire specification, purchase and commissioning/implementation process, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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