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Examples of Our Experience of Rheology in Diverse Industries

Pharmaceuticals, medical and dentistry

  • Rheology and viscosity testing methods for topical creams ointments and lotions
  • Sedimentation stability of suspensions
  • Rheological characterisation of bone cements, dermal fillers and scaffold materials
  • Rheology of woundcare gels.
  • Test method development and rheological profiling of hyaluronic acid.
  • Viscosity and rheology benchmarking of ophthalmic formulations
  • Method development for benchmarking and raw materials QC of white soft paraffin and microcrystalline waxes

Cosmetics, Health and Personal Care

  • Pumping and processing of shower gels and bath foams
  • Benchmarking of personal lubricants
  • Quality control release methods for hair colorants.
  • Rheological investigations of depilatories
  • Competitor comparisons of toothpastes
  • Development of R&D and QC release methods for mascaras, lipsticks and liquid make-ups.

Inks, paints and coatings

  • Test equipment recommendations and method development for electronic conformal coatings.
  • Rheology profiling of non-stick coatings for metals.
  • Rheology profiling of conductive inks and thick-film pastes.
  • Test method assessment for lithographic and screen inks

Food and drink

  • Viscosity testing of mayonnaises
  • Assessment of pumpability of fruit smoothies
  • Rheology and texture profiling of thickened foods for dyspagia diets
  • Viscosity testing of yoghurt
  • Rheological screening of processed cheeses.
  • Rheological profiling for sugar replacement in soft drinks.
  • Test method evaluation for custards and creams.

Industrial, building materials, minerals and mining

  • Rheological benchmarking of calcium carbonate thickeners and extenders.
  • Competitor comparisons of thickeners and stabilizers.
  • Viscosity/temperature profiling of oils and bitumens
  • Cure profiling of resins.
  • Viscosity testing of bitumens and asphalts
  • Rheological profiling of PSA’s and structural adhesives.

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