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If you've ever sat through a rheology course and still not grasped the more practical concepts I would recommend you get in touch with Rheology School and Neil Cunningham.  
Neil is uniquely in-tune with the needs of R&D and Process Development workers looking to develop rheological understanding and profiling routines for their products.  His support and advice helped us in setting up and implementing a toolkit of methods for our product development work using state of the art rheometers.
 Skin Care, Procter & Gamble Health & Beauty Care, UK
Neil Cunningham's First Steps In Rheology course was ideal for us; we wanted straightforward practical advice on how to use our rheometer and that's exactly what we got when Neil visited us. For anybody wanting to make sense of what can be a difficult subject we would highly recommend they speak to him first." ISP Europe, Surrey, UK
Neil used practical examples to reach an audience with varying levels of experience in rheology.  His energy made the topics interesting and, more importantly, retainable.  The hands-on practice helped to re-inforce the lessons learned in class." Pepsico, Hamburg, Germany  
"During a three-day training course given by Neil Cunningham we advanced more than during the last three years alltogether. With huge patience and a lot of humor and enthusiasm Neil explained the basic parameters and suddenly the doors to the world of rheology started to open.  Directly after the course we could start working with real research issues, instead of still struggling with the jungle of cryptic instrument parameters. This course was more than well spent money and I can warmly recommend Neil's courses to others. LKAB Mining, Malmberget, Sweden
Neil Cunningham's practical, down-to-earth approach to rheology training has proved ideal for users of our Carrimed rheometer. We would recommend him to any laboratory in need of reliable and relevant methods for development or quality-control." Gillette Advanced Technology Centre, UK
Introduction To Rheology, presented by Neil Cunningham, was a great experience.  New insights into rheology problems were presented in such a manner that was clear and understandable to non-native English speakers.  The seminar can be recommended to anyone dealing with rheology for the first time.” Jadran Galenski, Rijeka, Croatia

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